Kalbettada Darodekoraru (2019) Kannada Full Movie Download

Kalbettada Darodekoraru

Kalbettada Darodekoraru (2019) Kannada Full Movie Download

Kalbettada Darodekoraru, which is quite different from usual commercial films, is worth a watch.

Cast & Crew
Director: Deepak Madhuvanahalli
Actor: Hemanth Shushil, Shweta Prasad, Nataraj Bhat
Release Date: 22 Feb, 2019

Kalbettada Darodekoraru (2019) Kannada Review:
What happens once cops and villagers are on look out for a bunch of dacoits United Nations agency is believed to be living at the haunted Kallabetta Hill starts stealing things from Hanagodu? It sends the villagers into a dither. can the villagers and cops nab the culprits?

The picture is ready within the Hanagodu village, that is notorious for robberies. Amid all the drama, Venky (Nataraj) and Hemanth (Lodde Naga), United Nations agency are at the forefront of 2 endeavour teams from the identical village, begin quarreling over trivial problems. Venky falls taken with with Kamli (Shwetha R Prasad), United Nations agency reciprocates his love. The picture picks up the tempo within the last half, once the villagers plan to tackle dacoits in unison. They makes desperate makes an attempt to catch the direful dacoits. If the villagers and cops catch dacoits or not is what forms the remainder of the story.

Kalbettada Dharodekoraru, supported a completely unique enclosed by Anush A Shetty, has you captivated the last twenty minutes. Director Deepak Madhuvanahalli ought to have paid additional attention to the primary, that could be a atomic number 73 slow. Actor Nataraj, back once avatar Rama Re, shines in his role. Shwetha stands get into her performance as a village lady. Credit goes to Anoop Seelin for evaluation spectacular background music.


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