Kannada Deshadol (2018) Kannada Full Movie Download

Kannada Deshadol

Kannada Deshadol (2018) Kannada Full Movie Download

Kannada Deshadol is a tribute to Karnataka culture and diversity.

Cast & Crew
Director: Aviram Kanteerava
Actor: Suchendra Prasad, Thaarak Ponnappa, Jane Volkova, Nazar Ali, Harish Arasu
Release Date: 01 Nov, 2018

Kannada Deshadol (2018) Kannada Review:
And then, there are films that is ruined by unhealthy, i mean virtually unhealthy Cinematography! however South Dravidian Deshadol goes one step further! The tricks shows the Actors and Locations thus unhealthy, that it extremely hurts your eyes. The thus referred to as Genius photographer is named Sharath Kumar G UN agency doesn’t even recognize the framing parameters, i guess. As a film, South Dravidian Deshadol goes a great deal over-board and with some uninteresting things within the name of ‘Tribute to Karnataka’.

The picture show talks concerning the mystery encompassing South Dravidian Deshadol palm leaf manuscript that’s discovered once a minister performs a ceremony on Mysore Rajyothsava day. The film conjointly talks a couple of foreign couple UN agency boards associate degree motor vehicle cart to explore Mysore. the lady goes missing beneath mysterious circumstances associate degreed police starts an investigation. Performance wise, all the actors have performed sensible with no matter elements that they had. however the tricks ruins their performances to the core. Technically, the films (As i wrote earlier) goes over-board in story-telling. The length of the film too is incredibly boring. Avoid this one in any respect cost!


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